Payment Types

Thx! Card

The Thx!® card rewards cardholders with up to 5¢ per gallon discount on top of 7-Eleven’s already competitively priced fuel. The card is free for 7-Eleven customers, and signing up is simple. Just pick up a Thx! Card at your neighborhood 7-Eleven store, and click here to start saving.

Once your first Thx! Card is activated, you can easily add additional cards and users so your whole family can save. Simply pick up a Thx! Card from any Oklahoma 7-Eleven, and call (800) 211-1241 to add it to your account. It's quick! You do not have to repeat the initial registration process. They will add your additional card(s) over the phone.

Fuel First Card

7-Eleven’s Fuel First Card helps you fuel faster, and helps get you where you need to go. Your Fuel First Card allows you to turn on the pump and pump your gas without prepaying. Then, come inside and pay for everything at once, just like the good old days!

7-Eleven Store Gift Card

7-Eleven refillable gift cards can be used at the pump or in the store.


Thx!™ Fleet Card

NEW Thx!™ Fleet is now available to Central Oklahoma Businesses. Fleets benefit from more than 110 convenient locations and high quality, competitively priced fuel. Click here to learn more.

Other Fleet Programs

Our stores accept Fleet cards from major fleet programs.

Payment Methods

Card TypeIn the StoreAt the Pump
Thx! Card
7-Eleven Gift Card
American Express
Fleet One
Apple Pay
Google Wallet
Debit Card